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The human being: the conscious and intelligent aspect of the Earth

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Leonardo Boff

The conscious human being should not be considered apart from the evolutionary process. The human being represents a very special moment in the complexity of energies, of information and of the matter of Mother Earth. Cosmologists tell us that when a certain level of connections was reached, where a species of unisonous vibrations was created, the Earth caused consciousness to emerge, and with it, intelligence, sensibility, and love.

The human being is that portion of Mother Earth which, in an advanced moment of her evolution, began to feel, think, love, care and venerate. Then, the most complex being we know was born: the homo sapiens sapiens. Therefore, according to the ancient myth of caring, from humus (fertile earth) derived homo-man and from adamah (in Hebrew, fertile earth) originated Adam-Adam (the son and daughter of the Earth).

In other words, we are neither outside of nor above the living Earth. We…

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